Taking an Introductory Flight, also know as a Discovery Flight, is a great way to see if flying is something you’d like to do. This flight will give you a first hand taste of how exhilarating flying is! We will take you up into the beautiful blue skies of the Gulf Coast in a Flight Design CTSW Dynon glass cockpit airplane. You will get to fly the airplane for about an hour under the supervision of a highly experienced instructor. You read that right – YOU will actually do the flying. After you decide that flying is for you, the time will count towards the required time for your pilot training.


Cost: $175 (approximate – varies by flight time)

This includes:

  • Up to 30 minutes of pre-flight discussion
  • Approximately 45 minutes of flight time

Introductory Flight

Contact us for more details or to schedule your flight.

Soar to New Heights

Take the first step on your journey to the clouds with Gleim’s Learn to Fly booklet. This comprehensive guide breaks down the complex world of aviation into accessible steps, helping aspiring aviators of all ages chart their course to becoming pilots.

Here is a good video on what you might expect during your first flight:

Credit to Angle of Attack YouTube Channel