Whatever your flight goals may be, Coast Aero Ventures Unlimited has a program to suit your needs. 

Introductory Flight

The introductory flight is designed to expose you to the excitement of flight. We offer a traditional package but can customize it to suit your needs. You will get to fly the plane!

Scenic Flight

Perfect for checking out the coast, taking aerial photos, or a romantic suprise for someone special. 

Sport Pilot

A sport pilot certificate allows pilots to operate light-sport aircraft. The medical requirements to use this certificate can be met by either a third class medical certificate or a U.S. driver’s license. Restrictions may apply.

Private Pilot

For those with true ambition to fly, a private pilot certificate is the first step. We offer a three-phase program to ensure that you successfully complete the course. Use your private pilot certificate to fly professionally, for fun on the weekend, or for business.

Instrument Rating

Instrument rating is for the pilot who has mastered VFR conditions and is ready for the next step in their aviation endeavors. This will allow you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules while under instrument flight conditions. Don’t let clouds get in your way!