Private Pilot

Cost varies by student, national average flying time is 55 – 65 hours. FAA min is 40 hours. Our students fall between those estimates.

Cost – is about 10 hours a week, if you fly our recommended twice a week. 6 hours of 3 hours of reading/preparing, 1 hour of discussion with your instructor, 1 hour of flying time. Do this two lessons per week, and you arrive at 10 hours, plus drive time to and from the airport. You could fly once per week if time constraints dictate.

$$ Cost – average is $10-$12,000, over the course of one year. Or about $800-$1000/month. Our estimate takes into account all the things you will need to accomplish your private pilot certificate, not just the 40 hour minimum time the FAA requires.
At an avg 55 hours the aircraft time would be 55 x $140 = $7,700.

40 hours of that flying would be with an instructor, 40 hrs x $60/hr is $2400.

You could expect that there will be approx 0.5 hours discussion before and after each fight lesson, so 20 hours of ground instruction time, 29 x $60 = $1200.

Additional items include ground school course of your choice $350. A good aviation headset can cost $250 -$1250 depending on what you choose. Cost for your medical, $150, cost to take your written exam $150, cost to take your practical exam $800, aircraft rental for the practical 3 x q$140 = $520. Any additional books, video courses, study guides, subscriptions, etc ??…

So that added up is just over $13,000 depending on how much you spend on a headset. Your cost could be lower if you fly more often. By doing so, you make faster progress and will be ready closer to the minimum hours required.

As mentioned, pre flight preparation and consistently flying at least once a week, preferably twice a week, helps students stay on the low side of this very detailed estimated “Real Total Cost”.

Note: be sure you are getting a similar, realistic TOTAL cost estimate if comparing programs.

Sport Pilot

Sport pilot training costs are based on the FAA minimum of 20 hours. Note that this is a minimum number. A more realistic average is 35 hours.

30 hours dual $6000, 5 solo $700, 15 ground $900, plus the common items $350/$250/$300/$800/$520 for a total of $9820